Discount EKG Machines Cheaper Way to Monitor Your Heart

Published: 03rd March 2010
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The EKG machine was developed in the early 1900's, and the advancements made by Willem Einthoven won him the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1924. The basic precepts still apply today, and the EKG machine remains the best way to diagnose abnormal rhythms of the heart due to damage or electrolyte imbalance. The modern EKG machine is much more streamlined and includes improvements such as computer analysis and in the near future could help prevent dangerous arrhythmias by stimulating the vagus nerve, delivering drugs, or defibrillating the heart.

An EKG is the most commonly performed heart test, and is inexpensive and non-invasive. Most medical facilities are equipped with EKG machines for diagnostic purposes. However, the EKG measures heart function in real-time only, meaning if intermittent arrhythmias are experienced by the patient this could be missed and constant ambulatory monitoring could be indicated in this case. 

The information discount EKG machines provide is still very valuable, and can include the following information:

    • Heart rate

    • Heart rhythm

    • Conduction abnormalities, or how the electrical impulses travel across the heart

    • Abnormally thickened heart muscle

    • Indicators of heart disease

    • Evidence of a prior heart attack

There are limitations to an EKG examination. Sometimes there are false negative results, and EKGs can appear normal in patients with heart disease. At times false positive results can occur, indication a heart problem where none exist. Additional testing is necessary to substantiate the findings of a test with discount EKG machines

When considering the purchase of discount EKG machines, the following should be considered:

    • Assessing the needs of the practice

    • The type of support service offered - is training on the equipment included?

    • What kind of support supplies are required and are they cost effective?

    • Is a keyboard included in which to provide patient information on the print-out?

    • Does the machine come equipped with a screen to monitor information before printing?

    • Is the discount EKG machine compatible with a PC and management system of your choosing?

Most online vendors of discount EKG machines can not only provide a competitive price, but will also provide support. Many of these companies have representatives in the local area that can furnish training, supplies, and troubleshoot any problems experienced. This could be the deciding factor when weighing the different models, what they offer, and comparing that to the availability of a dependable customer support system. A representative should be readily available and easily accessible to find these types of machines and discount diagnostic test kits.

Customer support is very important in any equipment purchase, and in the case of purchasing discount EKG machines, support is imperative. Online vendors of discount EKG machines offer not only competitive prices but support that rivals any offline company, and often offer free shipping in certain cases for many types of discount medical supplies. It pays to shop around before making an investment in equipment that will see a lot of use and provide important diagnostic information for the patient and medical professional.

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